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Hey Users...

Stop asking me to crack a password protected fileDon't tell me the server is down; I tell you if the server is down or notDon't ask me to block your girl friend's or wife's email just because you got caught to have an affairDon't tell me you have resolved the issue ON YOUR OWN after all the help/information/instructions provided to you.Don't complain your computer is "Extremely slow" after you installed all kind of shits.

eFax vs GFI FaxMaker Online for small group

Using fax is old school now but occasionally we need it. Using cloud based fax solution is the way to go because it's paperless and not limited to the physical fax location. Moreover, it's cheaper than the cost of a land line.

We don't have many fax in and out, maybe less than 20 per month, but we still need a fax solution. So single fax number is all I need for a group of 30 users.

I have been using efax for few years but decided to switch to Gfi FaxMaker Online. Price is not the reason even though the monthly fee costs less than efax for a single number package.

The reason is mainly how can we share the single number in a group and everyone can SEND and receive fax in Outlook. Receiving fax is not an issue at all, it could be sent to a group email or the receptionist's email address then she forwards around.

However, getting everyone to send out faxes from Outlook is challenge with efax because it limits to only 5 email addresses to be able to send. To get around it,…