An already-mid-aged IT guy will never get rich, right? YES. I was so excited to land my first IT job 13 years ago. I thought the paycheck was fat, and the future was bright. I went to pick up a used car costed half of my salary after the second work day. Then I told my parents I got a decent job - an IT admin.

I have been prompted couple times now and I even have a company assigned parking space - where I park the same old used car though. I should have driven a Porsche by now, right? Well if I don't need to pay for the diapers and kid's college education funds.


Nothing to ask for this year but only hope my parents are both healthy.


I'm a Help Desk/IT Manager for a CPA firm in Texas. This site was created for my personal purposes - A notepad to document the issues/solutions I have run into at work.

I have seen so many great technical sites or blogs and been benefited so much. Hope my notes can help somebody someway someday.


When I changed the web hosting provider, I lost my WordPress site and had to start from scratch again after trying to restore the database without much luck. The only thing I have was the sql backup file from phpadmin, but for some reason I could get the site up but lost all the posts and pages. Anyway, I will try to salvage some contents from the backup file.

My contact email: cctrashbin at hotmail dot com

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