Sunday, April 17, 2011

Problems backing up VM with vRanger Pro

Here are the issues I have with vRanger PRO. v5.0.0

  • vRanger cannot back up the non “Raw Device Mappings” drives on SAN storage: I understood this and still placed the order even though 60% of our mission critical servers would not work with vRanger. However, I thought I can still use it to back up 40% of mission critical servers and the rest of non critical servers but there’re more issues…

  • vRanger is not a ‘out-of-box’ solution on application-level quiescing: well I had to spend extra time deploying ‘vzShadow.exe’ to all our servers running databases…it’s not the deal breaker yet.

  • vRanger does not support “File Level Restore” for the drives configured as GPT or dynamic. That mean I cannot restore any single file. This is the big problem. All our VM disks are configured as GPT and dynamic. If I could reformat all the disks, I would but I cannot.

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