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HOWTO Open Excel work paper in separate windows

If the work papers are in Engagement application, click on Tools/Options, check "Launch separate instance of Excel (Dual monitors).

This applies to Excel 2010 as well.

For Windows 7

Left column


Right column {adding (space)"%1"}

Double Click on (Default) and write - "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\EXCEL.EXE" /e "%1"

Right Click on Command – choose "rename" and add something to the name  - for example 2 (commend2).

Left column


Right Click on the folder ddeexec and choose "rename" and add something to the name  - for example 2 (ddeexec2)

Left column


Right column {adding (space)"%1"}

Double Click on (Default) and write - "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\EXCEL.EXE" /e "%1"

Right Click on Command – choose "rename" and add something to the name  - for example 2 (commend2).


Right Click on the folder ddeexec and choose "rename" and add something to the name - for example 2 (ddeexec2)

no restart needed


For Windows XP

1. In Windows Explorer, choose the Tools/Folder Options menu.
2. Click on the File Types tab
3. Scroll down and select the "XLS Microsoft Excel Worksheet" item
4. Click the "Advanced" button
5. Uncheck the "Browse in same window" option
6. Click on "Open" in the Actions list
7. Click the "Edit" button
8. Click in the "Application used to perform action:" box
9. Scroll to the very end. It will say something like ...EXCEL.EXE" /e %1
10. Put quotes around the %1, so it now ends with ...EXCEL.EXE" /e "%1"
11. Click OK twice, Close once, and you should be in business
12 Repeat the steps for XLSX.


How to use spuninst.exe to uninstall Internet Explorer 7

Use Spuninst.exe to uninstall Internet Explorer 7

Step 1: Make hidden files and hidden folders visible
a.  Click Start, and then click My Documents.
b.  On the Tools menu, click Folder Options.
c.  Click the View tab.
d.  In the Advanced settings list, under Hidden files and folders, click Show hidden files and folders, and then click OK.
Step 2: Run Spuninst.exe to uninstall Internet Explorer 7
a.  Click Start, and then click Run.
b.  In the Open box, type %windir%\ie7\spuninst\spuninst.exe, and then click OK.
c.  Follow the wizard instructions to uninstall Internet Explorer 7.
After you uninstall Internet Explorer 7, double-click the Internet Explorer icon to verify that Internet Explorer 6 is restored.

Display document name in the title bar of PDF workpaper

  1. Go to Tools/options, and uncheck "Launch separate instances of Adobe Acrobat (Dual monitors)".

  2. Then the title will display properly instead of non-sense GUID number.

HOWTO unhide Column A in Excel 2007

HOWTO Disable RSS feed in Outlook

Disable Outlook’s RSS Sync:

      1. Open Outlook 2007

      2. Click the Tools menu

      3. Click Options

      4. Select the Other tab

      5. Click the Advanced Options button

      6. Uncheck Sync RSS feeds to the Common Feed List

      7. Click OK X 2

Remove Feed Subscriptions from Outlook:

      1. Click Tools menu and then Options again.

      2. Select the Mail Setup tab

      3. Click the Data Files button

      4. Click the RSS Feeds tab

      5. Click the first feed and scroll down to the bottom of the feed list

      6. Hold the SHIFT key and click the last feed. All feeds should now be selected.

      7. Click the Remove button

      8. Confirm you want them all deleted.

HOWTO Fix Unable to set the Installed property of the AddIn class error

  1. Close all Excel files

  2. Open a blank Excel file outside the Engagement.

  3. Click the Microsoft Office Button on the top left corner in Excel, click Excel Options, and then click Add-Ins.

  4. Click Manage dropdown list, select disabled item, and click Go.

  5. Select all items in the disabled dialog box and click Enable.

  6. Close Excel Options then try to open Excel files in Engagement again.

"epace.000” could not be found

Search *.xlb and delete all

Dynzip error and failed to complete the sync

The problem is on local machine...

  1. Create a binder package as a backup

  2. Make sure Adobe, Winword and Excel.exe is not running

  3. Delete the binder package from the local and re-syn,if the file is locked, reboot

Unable to open TB with the following error...

Open Protected Database 0
Is2xTBMDB: 91 Object Variable or with Block variable not set (Microsoft Excel)
Is2xWorkBook: 438 Object doesn't support this property or method (Microsoft Excel)
>right-click WM folder, search *.ldb and delete them.

"Unable to open workpaper" error when the Excel is open anyway

1.serach *.xlb and delete all
2.copy epace.xla from /pfx engagment/wm/utitliy to c:/progarm files/micfosoft office/office10 (the current version)/library Excel alone, Tool>allins make sure only epace is check and browse to officexx/library and copy it
4.regedit: currnet user-software-microsoft-excel and make sure "open" key point to the correct path

Dockable Notes Pane is disappeared

Close Engagement program.
Go to Engagment directiory, WM/Workpaper, and delete otp file.

Run Time Error 2147467259 Fix

-Delete any from: C:\Documents and Settings\<User Profile>\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates

-Open a blank Word doc to re-create the Normal file, close that Word doc

-launch e-Tools and verify the desired doc functions correctly

1004 Unable to get the Insert property of the Pictures class Edit

This is a document specific problem.

Solution is to re-create the document.

I keep receiving an error when I try to open up one of the workpapers in Engagement. The error says “Convert NS – OpenProtectedDatabase”.

1.Close the Engagement application and all Excel files. You can confirm no Excel is running by going to Task Manager (ctrl + alt +del), Processes tab, sort by Image Name column. If you still see Excel.exe once you have closed all Excel files, you can select Excel.exe and end the process.

2.Go to C:\pfx Engagement\WM directory, right-click “WorkPapers” folder, select “search..” Type in *.ldb (ldb stands for Locked DataBase) as the file name, and click on Search.

3.Delete everything found.

When open TB report, got 'CreateMatrixSheet4Dictionary:457 This key is already associated with an element of this collection'

Solution: need to re-create

Tax07.exe caused an EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION in module oleaut32.dll

Detail: The error is tax07.exe caused an EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION
in module oleaut32.dll at 001B:65358CAA

After rearching the internet by using keyword "oleaut32.dll crash", found the solution,

Download VBRun60.exe (VB6 runtime lib)

In safe mode

Open the C:\Windows\System folder.

Rename the file oleaut32.dll to .old (oleaut32.old) and install VPRun60.exe

Boot back into Normal mode.

Reboot the computer.

Dynalink between Engagement and Tax is broken

There’re two places to look into. One in Tax and the other in Engagement.



In Tax program:

Options/Interface options/Accounting Bridges, highlight Engagement, click ‘Configure’, and make sure the Accounting system path is ‘C:\Pfx Engagement\WM’.



In Engagement:

With the binder highlighted, go to Tools, Tax software interface, make sure ‘TB Datase’ and ‘ProSystem fx Tax (Dynalink)’ is selected. Once you click ok, you should be able to follow the wizard to export to Tax software. Please see the detailed steps below,



To export a trial balance to Dynalink, do the following:

  1. If the Binder window is active, select Tools/Tax Software Interface. If the File Room Window is active, highlight the client's binder and then select Tools/Tax Software Interface.

  1. If more than one trial balance exists in the binder, select the trial balance from the Trial balance drop-down list.

  1. Select ProSystem fx Tax (Dynalink) in the Tax software field.

  1. Select the tax year from the drop-down list.

  1. The Beginning date defaults to January 1, yyyy (where yyyy is the year of the Binder Properties Period 1 beginning date). To change the date, use the drop-down list to select another date from the calendar.

  1. The Ending date defaults to December 31, yyyy (where yyyy is the year of the Binder Properties Period 1 ending date). To change the date, use the drop-down list to select another date from the calendar.

  1. To export data for the prior year, check the Export prior year box. (Current year data is always exported.)

  1. Select the ProSystem fx grouping list for the tax entity of the trial balance you are exporting.

  1. Select the view containing the balance column you are exporting from the View list.

  1. Select the Balance column containing the amounts you want to export from the Balance drop-down list. (Only current period columns are included in the list.)

  1. Enter the client's Federal Employer Identification Number in the Employer ID # box. This number is used as the Employer ID Number in the tax return as well as the client code for building the client list when you configure ProSystem fx Engagement as an accounting bridge in ProSystem fx Tax. Be sure to enter a unique FEIN for each trial balance.

  1. The Save as default for this trial balance is checked by default.

  1. Click OK. If there are any ungrouped accounts or tax groups not supported by ProSystem fx Tax, the Tax Report dialog will display listing the accounts or groups. You can click Print to print the report, Save As to save the report as an .HTM file, or Close to exit the dialog.

Black bar in Adobe document on Citrix

Open Adobe 8, Edit, Preferences, page display, rendering section
Set Smooth Text: = None

Some thing to fix it for all users - I used the below reg key (worked for me-no warranty though:)

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

http://HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Terminal Server\Install\Software\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\8.0\Originals


Refer to:

Error message: "The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded”, when logging on to Windows 7

Reset Drum Counter on Dell 1720 Printer

  1. Turn off the power using the switch on the back of the printer.

  2. Open the front door of the printer.

  3. Hold the Continue button down, power on the printer, continue to hold down the Continue button until just the Error LED is on solid, then release the Continue button.

  4. Close the front door. The Continue button, Ready/Data, Toner Low, and Load Paper LEDs should all be lit.

  5. Wait for the printer to complete its POST process. This is completed once the printer begins emitting a fan noise and the rollers start, then stop.

  6. Press the Cancel button four times slowly until the Toner Low LED is lit.

  7. Press and hold the Continue button until the LEDs all begin to rapidly cycle up / down in sequence, then release the Continue button.The Toner Low LED is the only one on.

  8. Cycle the power on the printer.
    When the printer is ready, press the Continue button once to print a settings page.
    Under the heading Cartridge Information, verify the Photoconductor value is 0K (zero-K).

Binder Finalization Failed

You got the error message when finalizing a binder, and the binder is finalized in LFR, but it's not in CFR.

The solution:

1) Create a copy of the binder in LFR

2) Synch the binder back to the CFR, then check out the binder

3) Make sure you are satisfied with the new binder

4) Delete the old binder from LFR

5) Rename the new binder back

6) Finalize the binder again

7) Delete the old binder from CFR

Workpaper references and comments have disappeared from the TB Report

I entered workpaper references and comments in blank columns in my TB Report. I have since done some additional work and now all my workpaper references and comments have disappeared from the TB Report. Why?

When changes are made to the Account Grouping order, all rows in the TB Report are deleted and re-inserted in the proper order. When this occurs, manually entered data in the TB Reports is deleted along with the row. If an account is assigned to a different group, only the applicable row is deleted and re-inserted.

TB Report Guidelines

What changes can I make to a TB Report?

Documentation within TB Reports.  Reference trial balance amounts within Engagement's TB Reports for efficiency and to minimize the risk of typing over numbers in the TB Database.  Engagement's TB Reports (e.g. Lead Schedules, Trial Balance Reports, Journal Entry Reports, etc.) are dynamic and linked to the TB Database.  Therefore, these reports change as changes occur in the TB Database.  Although TB Reports are in Microsoft® Excel format, they are not standard Microsoft® Excel workpapers and must be used accordingly to avoid undesired workpaper changes.  Use the following guidelines when marking up trial balance reports:

  • Account Grouping List.  Ensure that all building and grouping/mapping within the account grouping list is completed prior to documenting and/or marking up the related TB Reports.  Subsequent changes to the account grouping list may cause undesirable changes in workpaper documentation and/or mark up.  If a change in an account grouping list is necessary, "publish" the affected TB Report(s) prior to making the change.  Use the published copy, or picture copy, as a reference or the workpaper documentation and mark up existing prior to the account grouping list change.  Use copy/paste to efficiently transfer documentation and mark ups from the published copy of the TB Report, to actual TB Report if required.

  • Hide/Unhide Rows and Columns.  Do not hide or unhide any rows or columns with TB Reports.

  • Add/Delete Rows.  Do not add or delete rows within TB Reports as it can cause file corruption.

  • Add/Delete Columns.  Columns may be added for additional workpaper references and tickmarks.  To avoid the risk of permanently deleting a column that is crucial to the TB Report, NEVER delete a column unless it was manually added by the user.

  • Available Columns.  All unhidden, empty columns, with no header descriptions are available for documentation and mark ups.

  • Available Rows.  Place all notes, summarizations, conclusions, comments, explanatory tickmark explanations, and descriptions below the linked trial balance data, two rows below the bottom-most total row.  Regardless of changes made in the related account grouping list, this documentation, and mark up will remain.

  • Formatting.  Do not apply formatting changes to TB Reports, as most changes will not be saved.  Even though it is possible to change the formatting of the available cells in the rows and columns mentioned above, avoid all formatting changes within TB Reports for efficiency purposes.

SMART - Unable to add LOCAL to database location...

  1. Go to Services.msc and make sure the path of TOC..

  2. Stop TOC... SQL instanace

  3. Uninstall SQL from add/remove programs

  4. Uninstall Risk Assessment

  5. Rename TOC SQL folder, for example, MSSQL2.old

  6. Install Risk Assessment & SQL

Azure MFA NPS extension stopped working due to expired certification

 Users complained they were unable to log in VMware Horizon Client portal and the logon stuck at "Authenticating...." screen. So I...