Monday, March 18, 2013

Make Xerox Color to print in Black and white by default

We like to make Xerox DocuColor 252 to print Black and White by default on all print job.

I first went to printer IP interface, change the PS in PDL configuraiton to GrayScale in color mode. It did not achive what I wanted.

The better approach is to configure it on the driver of printer server level, and clean up the drivers on client level:

  • Go Printer Properties on printer server

  • Advanced tab, printing default, make necessary changes, here we set colorwise to Grayscale

  • Go to Printing Preferences, change colorwise to Grayscale too

  • Open a notepad on print server, print and check the preference of that printer to see if the change maintained

  • On Client: Remove all printer drives for that model. then

  • On Client: go to  Print Server Properties, remove that printer from Drivers tab and Ports tab

  • Re-add the printer driver on client

  • Open Notepad on Client and check the printer preferences

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