Wednesday, July 6, 2011

VMware Lab Setup

Without spending any $$$, I utilized our spare desktops to set up a ESXi 4.1.0 lab. My goal is to having two ESXi hosts and one iSCSI SAN.


  • Hosts: Two Dell Precision T5400. 4GB memory each.
    It came with the Intel E5405 processor which supports VT and 64-bit. I was using Precision T3400 first and didn't check if it supports VT. Of course, it does not. Check if Intel CPU supports VT here

  • For configuraiton: check this article. (read the section of  Volumes – Important Information (for the clarity of mind)

  • Downloaded and installed OpenFiler. A little bit hard time getting it configured properly till reading this good white paper by John Borhek, VMsources.



  1. Install ESXi 4.1.0 Build 260247 on each T5400.

    1. Create a VMKerner on the same switch for iSCSI connection.

    2. Select iSCSI Software Adapter in Storage Adapters, go to Properties. Enable "Software Initiator"

    3. Then go to Dynamic Discover and add OpenFiler's IP address as the target.

    4. Go to Storage, you should see the new LUN. If not, click on Add Storage wizard.

  2. Install OpenFiler on Precision 390.

    1. Using auto partition option which is not recommended by the instruction.

    2. Add a secondary hard drive for iSCSI shared storage.

  3. Install vCenter 4.1.0 Build 258902

Tested to migrate vCenter VM between hosts. No problem.

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