Friday, September 2, 2011

NO rain today!!??

TX is really doomed! The possible rain chance is getting little when the storm from gulf coast made a slight turn toward New Orleans. WHY? Don't we deserve some rain after 8 months drought?

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Here’s the updated outlook for what Lee means for the Houston area from ImpactWeather‘s Fred Schmude:
Temperatures will remain fairly hot over the region today and tomorrow and gradually decrease on Sunday through the early to middle part of next week as the effects of the front start to impact the region with lows falling in the 60s and highs struggling to make 90 degrees over most of the Houston area by next Tuesday and Wednesday.

As for rain, unfortunately the chances for seeing some much needed widespread rainfall in the Houston area has subsided thanks in large part to drier air filtering southward on the west side of the tropical cyclone. Several days ago it appeared we could see some much needed widespread rainfall over the area; however, the developing tropical cyclone is acting as a sponge east of the area and absorbing most of the tropical moisture that normally would have already been over southeast Texas if it were not for the tropical system south of Louisiana.

It’s still possible we could see some fast moving showers and isolated thunderstorms moving across the area on the west side of the tropical cyclone through Sunday, but most areas will probably not see much in the way of rainfall as the tropical cyclone moves inland over Louisiana this weekend.   The extended outlook calls for another reinforcing surge of cooler and drier air maintaining the early fall weather pattern into the 2nd week of September.

Got that? If we don’t get some unlikely rain this weekend, it’s going to be dry until at least the 12th of September or so. The forecast is almost the exact opposite for Louisiana and areas to its northeast.

What the hell!!

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