Monday, June 20, 2011

Configure MX record on and

Once I got my Exchange 2010 set up in my lab, the next exciting thing would be sending/receiving emails testing from the external domains. The outgoing email was pretty straight forward to set up once the 'send connector' was configured and it worked right away.


I was not sure about the incoming emails and MX records setup at the first place because the domain name of my lab is an internal domain name only. I decided to use two of my personal domains to be the accepted domains in Exchange and messed around the MX record/DNS settings.


My first personal domain is hosted by GoDaddy and the other one is hosted by


The MX record setup with GoDaddy was a breeze. Here are the steps I've taken:

  1. Log in GoDaddy account

  2. Click "My Account" on navigation bar.

  3. Click "Domains/Domain Manager" on the left

  4. Click the proper domain name

  5. Click 'Launch' under DNS Manager.

  6. Create a new A (Host) record, 'mail' and pointed it to my Exchange server. Leave everything else untouched.

  7. Create a MX record with the name, 'mail.<my_personal_domian1>.info' and give it the first priority order, 0. Lease the default MX record intact.

  8. Save it.

  9. It took no time before I was successfully receive my first test email from outside to the email address, xxx@<my_personal_domain1>.info.
My experience setting up MX record with 1and1 was not as good as GoDaddy because it costed me one support email to make it works.

  1. First I needed to create a sub domain for my email server as the MX record. I named it 'mail.<my_personal_domain2>.net'. (This is the part I got help from

  2. Modified the A-Record for my sub domain to point it to my Exchange server.

  3. Then I went back to the DNS setting for the top-level domain name and added the sub domain name as the first MX record.

  4. Then I was able to receive the test email to xxx@<my_personal_domain2>.net shortly.

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