Monday, June 20, 2011

Upgrade Firmware on Dell PowerConnect 6248 Switch

The PWR light turns RED on my 'brand new' Dell PowerConnect 6248 switch as soon as plugged into the 'brand new' Dell RPS-600 power supply. However, PC6248 itself powers on ok without error without connected to RPS-600.


Called Dell support and they saying it's a known issue will exchange my RPS-600. They also asked me to upgrade the firmware to the latest one and I document it here.

(If it's a new switch, make sure to assign the management login:
DellSW1 (config)# username admin password 3C2cpk2H level 15)

    1. I first downloaded the tftp program from here and latest firmware, both provided by Dell engineer.

    2. Unzipped the firmware to the folder "PC62xx_3213" to my desktop

    3. The tftp installer failed to install so I downloaded the zip file and run the executable file from my desktop directly. The IP of my Win7 desktop is

    1. I 'putty' into the PC6248 switch ( and issued the copy command as below,

    1. And I could see the progress in the tftp app,

    1. I saw the "File contents are valid" message very quick, then 5 minutes later, the transfer is completed with the message, "File transfer operation completed successfully." Console was locked before it's completed.

    1. "Show ver" to check the new firmware. Done!

Write to startup: copy running-config startup-config
Reboot switch: reload

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