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Qs on DMZ in VMWare

Here is a good article explaining DMZ in the virtualization environment.

I was not clear about how to play DMZ in the VM so I posted this question and got the answer from Edward L. Haletky.
Original Post:

So you have the following:

vminc0 --> a physical switch --> Linksys Internet router --> Internet

Not what I would do, why? Because vmnic0 is often used by the Management Appliance in ESXi or the Service Console in ESX, therefore you rather not do this. THe full picture is....

Mgmt <-> vSwitch0 <-> pNIC (vmnic0) <-> pSwitch <-> Router <-> Outside

What you really want is:

Mgmt/Internal <-> vSwitch0 <-> pNIC (vmnic0,vmnic2) <-> pSwitchI

DMZ  <-> vSwitchD <-> vFW <-> vSwitch1 <-> pNIC (vmnic1) <-> pSwitchE <-> Router <-> Outside

Then I would bridge vSwitch0 and vSw…

Some Key Terminology of Exchange 2010

Database availability group (DAG)A group of up to 16 Exchange 2010 Mailbox servers that hosts a set of replicated databases.A DAG is the base component of the high availability and site resilience framework built into Exchange 2010.A DAG is a group of up to 16 Mailbox servers that hosts a set of databases and provides automatic database-level recovery from failures that affect individual databases. Any server in a DAG can host a copy of a mailbox database from any other server in the DAG. When a server is added to a DAG, it works with the other servers in the DAG to provide automatic recovery from failures that affect mailbox databases, such as a disk failure or server failure.Exchange 2007 introduced a built-in data replication technology called continuous replication. Continuous replication, which was available in three forms: local, cluster, and standby, significantly reduced the cost of deploying a highly available Exchange infrastructure, and provided a much improved deployment a…

Exchange 2010 STD or ENT

Server: Standard
CAL: Enterprise

Server: 5 Database stores - 200GB max per store


The functionality of the client is dependent on the CAL and independent of the Server.

Integrated Archiving (Ent CAL)
Multi-mailbox Search & Legal Hold (Ent CAL)
Advanced Journaling (Ent CAL)

Exchange 2010: Editions and Versions

No loss of functionality will occur when the Trial Edition expires, so you can maintain lab, demo, training, and other non-production environments beyond 120 days without having to reinstall the Trial Edition of Exchange 2010.
You can also use a valid product key to move from Standard Edition to Enterprise Edition.
The RTM version of Exchange 2010 is 14.00.0639.021. The SP1 version of Exchange is 14.01.0218.015.

VPN Clients cannot Ping beyond RRAS Server (DR-Site)

My workaround: manually assign a range of LAN IP in the static route pool.
To create a static IP address pool

Open Routing and Remote Access.
Right-click the server name for which you want to create a static IP address pool, and then click Properties.
On the IP tab, click Static address pool, and then click Add.
In Start IP address, type a starting IP address, and then either type an ending IP address for the range in End IP address or type the number of IP addresses in the range in Number of addresses.
Click OK, and then repeat steps 3 and 4 for as many ranges as you need to add.

This is a good article on troubleshoot this issue.

VMware Lab Setup

Without spending any $$$, I utilized our spare desktops to set up a ESXi 4.1.0 lab. My goal is to having two ESXi hosts and one iSCSI SAN.


Hosts: Two Dell Precision T5400. 4GB memory each.
It came with the Intel E5405 processor which supports VT and 64-bit. I was using Precision T3400 first and didn't check if it supports VT. Of course, it does not. Check if Intel CPU supports VT here
For configuraiton: check this article. (read the section of  Volumes – Important Information (for the clarity of mind)
Downloaded and installed OpenFiler. A little bit hard time getting it configured properly till reading this good white paper by John Borhek, VMsources.


Install ESXi 4.1.0 Build 260247 on each T5400.

Create a VMKerner on the same switch for iSCSI connection.
Select iSCSI Software Adapter in Storage Adapters, go to Properties. Enable "Software Initiator"
Then go to Dynamic Discover and add OpenFiler's IP address as the target.
Go to Storage, you should see the n…