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Random Calendar Events NOT Synchronized to BlackBerry Q10 and IPhone


Random Outlook calendar events do not show up on mobile devices such as BlackBerry Q10 and Iphone.In OWA, the offended calendar events cannot display in browser either.Environment: Exchange 2003 SP2 & Outlook 2007/2010Microsoft ActivSyncSolutions: To prevent this issue occur again:Check the version of EXCDO.dll in Bin directory on Exchange server. If it's older than 6.5.7653.5, download the hotfix from KB938650 and apply it.Use the "Fix for me" from the same KB to add "FixRecipientTrackStatusTim" registry entry.To make the offended calendar events to show up on mobile devices: Follow KB969254 to set CalendarRecovery registry. The steps are reprinted here:

a)ClickStart, clickRun, typeregeditin theOpenbox, and then clickOK. b)Locate and then click the following registry subkey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\EXCDO\Parameters NoteIf the registry subkeys EXCDO and Parameters do not exist, go to step c. Otherwise, go to step e. c)On theEditmenu, clickAdd …

Missing Calendar Events on mobile device

1. Change Outlook to Non-Cached mode in Control Panel 2. Open Outlook, R-click Calendar and go to Properties 3. Copy and paste 'CleanupExpansionCachesInTheCalendarFolder' in Description box in General tab 4. Change back to Cached mode