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Random Calendar Events NOT Synchronized to BlackBerry Q10 and IPhone


Random Outlook calendar events do not show up on mobile devices such as BlackBerry Q10 and Iphone.In OWA, the offended calendar events cannot display in browser either.Environment: Exchange 2003 SP2 & Outlook 2007/2010Microsoft ActivSyncSolutions: To prevent this issue occur again:Check the version of EXCDO.dll in Bin directory on Exchange server. If it's older than 6.5.7653.5, download the hotfix from KB938650 and apply it.Use the "Fix for me" from the same KB to add "FixRecipientTrackStatusTim" registry entry.To make the offended calendar events to show up on mobile devices: Follow KB969254 to set CalendarRecovery registry. The steps are reprinted here:

a)ClickStart, clickRun, typeregeditin theOpenbox, and then clickOK. b)Locate and then click the following registry subkey: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\EXCDO\Parameters NoteIf the registry subkeys EXCDO and Parameters do not exist, go to step c. Otherwise, go to step e. c)On theEditmenu, clickAdd …

Missing Calendar Events on mobile device

1. Change Outlook to Non-Cached mode in Control Panel 2. Open Outlook, R-click Calendar and go to Properties 3. Copy and paste 'CleanupExpansionCachesInTheCalendarFolder' in Description box in General tab 4. Change back to Cached mode

Hey Users...

Stop asking me to crack a password protected fileDon't tell me the server is down; I tell you if the server is down or notDon't ask me to block your girl friend's or wife's email just because you got caught to have an affairDon't tell me you have resolved the issue ON YOUR OWN after all the help/information/instructions provided to you.Don't complain your computer is "Extremely slow" after you installed all kind of shits.

eFax vs GFI FaxMaker Online for small group

Using fax is old school now but occasionally we need it. Using cloud based fax solution is the way to go because it's paperless and not limited to the physical fax location. Moreover, it's cheaper than the cost of a land line.

We don't have many fax in and out, maybe less than 20 per month, but we still need a fax solution. So single fax number is all I need for a group of 30 users.

I have been using efax for few years but decided to switch to Gfi FaxMaker Online. Price is not the reason even though the monthly fee costs less than efax for a single number package.

The reason is mainly how can we share the single number in a group and everyone can SEND and receive fax in Outlook. Receiving fax is not an issue at all, it could be sent to a group email or the receptionist's email address then she forwards around.

However, getting everyone to send out faxes from Outlook is challenge with efax because it limits to only 5 email addresses to be able to send. To get around it,…

Cannot open your default e-mail folders

All of a sudden, my Outlook 2007 stopped to update mailbox even though it was connected to the Exchange server. I then created a new Outlook profile, but got 'Cannot open your default e-mail folders'. Found the solution here,

What I did is to manually create the RPC key and the dword key. Then my Outlook opened right away and started updating items.

Updated 8/7/13
This issue reoccurred again today. Checked the registry and it's good. The workaround this time was to go to email account, and remove username and re-type in, click "Check Name" again.

Updated on 9/15/14
This issue occurred on one of user's PC. He has Outlook 2007 connecting to Exchange 2003. The Outlook status was "disconnected' and no matter what I tried, even tried on a different PC, did not resolve the issues. I finally found out it's MAPI related and limitation on Exchange 2003. This article below helped me resolved the issue. http://support.mi…

Stand-up Desk Setup

Inspired by this great post and decided to set up my own Stand-Up Desk.


Existing IKEA LACK TV unit from living roomIKEA Galant adjustable A-Legs x4 and 62" base frame4" bolts, nuts and washers x6 from Old desk Setup
 New Stand-up desk Setup
Tips: drill the holes for base frame, install the A-legs on frame, then bolt the frame to TV unit.

Missing Start Menu and all desktop item on Vista


On impacted Vista machine, after logged in, the desktop is black, all desktop items, Windows Start button and tool bar are missing. Only Windows Explorer is open on the screen, and drives and others like control panel were accessible.
Tried to launch Explorer.exe from Task Manager, but got "C:\windows\explorer.exe application not found" error. Same to all other programs such as regedit.exe or msconfig.exe. Please see this article to get rid of this error.

However, the fix did not bring the missing items back.

Some have suggest to Kill Explorer.exe and create a new task, Explorer.exe in Task Manager. It did not work for me and it would only bring up another Windows Explorer on the screen.
At least now I could get into the registry. Google said to check the SHELL, then I went to "HKEY_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\ and Click on Winlogon, on the right pane, found out the value of SHELL was C:\PROGRA~3\dsgsdgdsidgw.bat" which obviously…

Outlook 2010: The reply of Calendar invite from Secretary went to Executive instead of Secretary

Problem: Secretary has right to send invite from Executive's calendar, but all the responses come back to Executive's inbox which is not desired.

Solution: add secretary to Outlook Delegates of Executive

Sang: Got error of "The Delegates settings were not saved correctly. Unable to activate send-on-behalf-of list. You do not have sufficient permission to perform this operation on this object." while trying to add secretary to the delegates.

MS KB: following this KB, to edit the registry has not fixed the problem. Read closely in the Cause section and found out another possible cause, The SELF object does not have the Write Personal Information right on your Active Directory user object. Corrected it and worked!!!!

Make Xerox Color to print in Black and white by default

We like to make Xerox DocuColor 252 to print Black and White by default on all print job.

I first went to printer IP interface, change the PS in PDL configuraiton to GrayScale in color mode. It did not achive what I wanted.

The better approach is to configure it on the driver of printer server level, and clean up the drivers on client level:

Go Printer Properties on printer server
Advanced tab, printing default, make necessary changes, here we set colorwise to Grayscale
Go to Printing Preferences, change colorwise to Grayscale too
Open a notepad on print server, print and check the preference of that printer to see if the change maintained
On Client: Remove all printer drives for that model. then
On Client: go to  Print Server Properties, remove that printer from Drivers tab and Ports tab
Re-add the printer driver on client
Open Notepad on Client and check the printer preferences