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Restore MOSS content database

1. After the new server is installed, no content database.
2. In central admin, Create a new web application at port 80, named wss_content (default)
configurable username and password: pxxxadmin/xxxxx
3. In SQL management studio, r-click databases and select restore database and select wss_content
4. point to bk file and ok to restore
5. got error

6. stop sql service, rename wss_content.mdf and wss_content_log.ldf and try (see screenshot, error1)
7. remove content datbase in central admin>app mgt>content database
8 then i got another error (see screenshot error2)

once removed content db from central admin
stop sql services and delte wss_content.mdf and ldf
restore again and make sure go to options to select overwrite
restored successfully this time

STSADM –o addcontentdb –url <URL name> -databasename <database name> -databaseserver <database server name>
but got error

The specified SPContentDatabase Name=WSS_CONTENT Parent=SPDatabaseServiceInstance has been upgraded to a newe…